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Bon Temps, LA

Things to do

Top Ten Things to do in Bon Temps
  1. Eat

    Bon Temps is famous for its late night barbeques. Bon Temps offers open –hearth cooking demonstrations that reveal 19th century kitchen secrets, such as how to spit-roast meat over a wood-burning fire.
  2. Drink

    Imported from as far as Japan, Bon Temps is known for its speciality and synthetic drinks.
  3. Hang

    Join the locals at Merlotte’s, Bon Temps favourite dinner. There’s nothing like a long weekend road trip to immerse yourself in Louisiana music, sampling the state’s sonic riches.
  4. Tour

    Go to the amazing Cajun country. The Chalmette battlefield, where the battle guaranteeing our independence took place, may be the single most important military memorial in the country.
  5. Dip

    Enjoy one of Bon Temps’ murky swamps.
  6. Sleep (if you must)

    Take a quick nap in one of Bon Temps typically southern plantation guest houses.
  7. Shop

    Buy a loved one a silver necklace from the Arts and Crafts fair.
  8. Foresee

    Have your future told by Bon Temps’ very own witch doctor.
  9. Chat

    Join in on the fascinating discussions with Bon Temps’ Civil War group at the local church.
  10. Walk ...

    ...amongst the dead – Bon Temps cemetery is one of the oldest in Louisiana.