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Bon Temps, LA

Meet the locals

Sookie Stackhouse Sookie Stackhouse A waitress who works at Merlottes, Sookie is telepathic and has a crush on a vampire. Word on the street is that her boss Sam Merlotte has a thing for this sassy waitress. Sookie lives with Bon Temps staple and grandmother Adele after her parents died in a car crash.
Jason Stackhouse Jason Stackhouse Some would say the town hunk, others say trouble on legs. Gossip travels fast here in Bon Temps and Jason is known to work his way through every attractive woman, even ones who are married. A charmer he might be but steer clear of this one.
Bill Compton Bill ComptonBon Temps resident Vampire Bill is something like 173 years old! He fought in the civil war and returned to his family home in an attempt to become mainstream. He’s been spotted courting Sookie Stackhouse. He’s supposed to be harmless but some of the locals aren’t convinced. If you’re not one to drink with the undead then best to avoid Merlotte’s after-hours.
Sam Merlotte Sam Merlotte Sam is quite a private guy but as owner and operator of the local watering hole, he holds a front-row seat to all the small-town drama of Bon Temps. You might catch Sam sleep walking naked every now and again and don’t be afraid of the dog that always hangs around his bar when its closed. We’re pretty sure it belongs to Sam.
Lafayette Reynolds Lafayette Reynolds Lafayette is the eyes and ears of Bon Temps. He knows just about everything there is to know about everyone. He’s Merlotte’s short-order grill cook but he’s definitely got his hands dipped in many shady sideline businesses. Some locals say he accepts sexual favours in exchange for V-blood.
Tara Thornton Tara Thornton If you hear a loud, cursing voice working behind the bar at Merlotte’s, that’s Tara. Don’t worry her bark is worse than her bite. She built up a tough exterior taking care of her alcoholic mother. Tara is Sookie’s best friend but she also has a soft spot for her brother Jason.
Andy Bellefleur Andy Bellefleur Andy is the town’s detective, although no one ever really takes him seriously. He has it in for Jason Stackhouse and he still lives at home with his sister and grandmother. The poor guy can’t seem to find a nice girl to settle down with and has been a resident of Bon Temps for about as long as the Stackhouses.
Rene Lenier Rene Lenier Shacked up with Arlene Fowler, a stand-up guy, holds a steady job, wants kids some day...Rene seems almost too good to be true. He is from out of town after all.
Arlene Fowler Arlene Fowler If you want a secret spread, Arlene is your gal. She’s divorced with kids and is dating a friend of Jason’s, Rene Lenier. The poor woman is in denial that she’s pushing forty and is always left frazzled for some reason or another.
Adele Stackhouse Adele Stackhouse Known as the town’s Gran, she’ll open her door to just about anyone and offer you a slice of pie and fresh lemonade. Adele took young Sookie in after her parent’s died and runs the Civil War Group at the local church.

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